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Picture a meadow ringed with bright pavilions, with pennons flying overhead. Noble lords and ladies watch the center of the meadow, where knights in armor strive with sword and shield. Minstrels play lutes and harps, singing songs of love or battle. In the shadows of one tent, a King and Queen confer soberly with richly-dressed advisors. A historical romance? No, this is the Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA is an international nonprofit educational organization, dedicated to the preservation, research and recreation of the crafts, arts, and experiences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Unlike a Renaissance Faire, the SCA is participatory – no-one is simply a spectator. All the attendees play a part in creating the atmosphere by reenacting whatever aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance interest them the most.

The Arts & Sciences
                Members of the SCA learn about the past by researching period arts, crafts, and traditions and then experience history by recreating it. There are many such crafts and arts you can learn and practice in the Society, including:
Armoring,  Calligraphy & Illumination
 Ceramics & Pottery,  Cooking
Costuming,  Dancing
 Fiber arts (weaving, spinning, etc)
 Gardening & Herbalism
 Heraldry,  Leatherworking
Medieval games,   Metalworking
Music (vocal and instrumental)
 Needlework, Poetry & Literature
Woodworking and many more!
                 You can see artisans practicing their skills at workshops and events. They may also display their work at events in exhibitions and contests.

Martial Activities
Martial activities in the SCA include:
Armored Combat,  Fencing
Target Archery,   Combat Archery
 Thrown Weapons,  Siege Weapons
 Youth (boffer) Combat
Equestrian activities
             Each activity has various types of tournaments and competitions. In addition, there are strict safety standards and rules. All of the activities are supervised by "marshals", who enforce the rules and maintain the safety standards. As in any other sport, participants are trained to ensure everyone’s safety. Minors may take part in Youth Combat, Target Archery, and Equestrian activities.

                  SCA events are held somewhere almost every weekend of the year. Participants travel from near and far to take part in the day's (or weekend's) activities, which can include tournaments, dancing, performances, Royal Court, arts exhibits, workshops, and a grand feast.

                 Attendees wear clothing appropriate to the Middle Ages or Renaissance (pre-1600’s). If you do not have something to wear to your first event, our Newcomers’ Liaison (see back of pamphlet) has loaner costumes that you can borrow.
             We welcome you to attend our local meetings and events. Details can be found in the SCA group newsletters and websites.

Contact us
Our local SCA chapter, Steltonwald, covers Beaver County, Pennsylvania.
We host a number of events a year, plus monthly general meetings, practices, and workshops.
You can also contact our Newcomers’ Liaison: Aaliz at
More details on all aspects of the SCA are available on-line at

Please email the webminister with any page issues.

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